Shunt Driver
Pay Rates: $27.2 / Hour | $40.8 / OT Hour
Oakville, Ontario

AfternoonsWill mirror the plant schedule and could be subject to change based on plant Guaranteed 8 or 10 hours per shift40 Hours per weekShunt driver are required to perform a daily inspection for their assigned truck before each shift. Drivers are to safely and efficiently operate Terberg, Ottawa and or Capacity shunt trucks for the movement of trailers in and out of dock doors, within and between facility buildingsMaintain routine communication with dispatch via radio communication regarding the placement of trailers both in doors and within the drop locations.Driver is to monitor truck condition and communicate with shift Supervisor of any major repairs when required. Maintain a clean and tidy workplace at all times.Following safe operating procedures at all times driver are to perform the following duties:•Perform and document daily pre-trip inspections of the shunt truck•Drive a shunt truck for pin to pin moves for box trailers or chassis with containers, transferring freight between locations on site in order to contribute to the smooth operation of the plant•Back trailers into designated Docks as requested by dock operators•Park trailers in drop location as per site layout for carriers.•Receive information from the dock operators using two-way radio communication equipment.•Report each shunt move to dispatch via two-radio communication equipment in a timely fashion.•Keep written records of all trailer moves onto Shunter log sheet•Climb out of truck to open all trailer doors prior to docking•Climb out of truck to close all trailer doors prior to moving to drop locations.•Pull and push 80 lbs. trailer jack stands and place under all trailers once docked.•Perform other tasks contributing to the smooth operation of the facility


Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2022

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