Operations Support – Data Entry
Pay Rates: $19.5 / Hour | $29.25 / OT Hour | $1 / Incorp. Premium
Etobicoke, Ontario

1)      Process of all trips turned in for pay with specific deadline for payroll2)      Audit of all Bill of ladings for complete requirements3)      Audit of fuel receipts of each trip4)      Audit of all mileage of each trip5)      Audit of all driver charges on each trip6)      Fully responsible for completeness of Dispatch Mate System7)      Photocopy and maintain control of all trip paperwork8)      Photocopy and maintain all Border crossing paperwork9)      Maintain and submit all trips to Permitax Monthly11)   Rate all Bill of Ladings or push to Andy for rating12)   Enter into DispatchMate system all ratings for forwarding to Accounting for Invoicing13)   Maintain all backup paperwork to follow bill of lading14)   Monitor and maintain PM on all tractors and Trailers (Schedule of third party PM Service like RNT)15)   Audit all Pre/Post trips and advise Contactor Mechanics of any repair work to be done16)   All filing of all generated paperwork17)   Archiving of filing18)   Run and manage yard exits and delivery files from Car Delvery Network/ DispatchMate19)   Support all functions of dispatcher20)   Manage all aspects of control of paperwork related to trips / Bill of Ladings (EP Drops / Honda drops in EP)21)   Maintain current Safety on all equipment22)   Maintain driver files23)   Report every 3 months driver listing to respective agencies24)   Maintain equipment files25)   Answer all incoming phone calls26)   Various other duties as required to support the duties listed above


Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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