G Driver
Pay Rates: $19.5 / Hour | $29.25 / OT Hour | $1 / Incorp. Premium
York, ON

Monday to FridayHours Vary depending on the orders they have – start time is flexible. Between 7:30-8:30. Minimum amount of work is 5-6 hours.Goes as far as Hamilton but not past. Cube TruckG licenseOffloadDistributing – Sanitation supplies. Sanitation, some electrical products like LED lights, garbage bags, toilet paper, towels. Some health and safety supplies like gloves and masks.No hospitals – Some Medical Buildings – Retail – Restaurants – Funeral Homes – Office Buildings.4-8 drop offs a day on average.There is a Hand pump (electrical) and a dolly to move the orders. The truck also has a tailgate that they can use to lower boxes. 2-40 pounds. However on average it is about 10-15 at most.$18-19.50.-daily vehicle inspection including completing daily log bookClean abstract and good driver.Clean and considerate/respectful. Someone who can talk to the clients.The boxes range from 2-15 pounds on a regular basis. There are occasionally some that are more heavy and up to 40 but not beyond and far and few between.

Requirements Steel Toes Boots.

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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