DZ Driver / Dock Worker
Pay Rates: $25 / Hour | $37.5 / OT Hour | $1 / Incorp. Premium
Casselman, ON

5 tonne truck, automatic

Then if there is overflow he/she would use the spare straight truck and follow the driver and do the run.

Will be performing 3 hours of dock work prior to getting out into the truck

If there is no overflow he/she would go on a different run each night and learn the run and help the driver out

Will be driving when there is overflow that is required to be transported

All deliveries will be delivered to their other facility, approx 15km away

Will be following the other driver to site

Guaranteed # of hours = 9 per night but most likely more depending on the length of the run (Ford does not have designated end times, Monday they left at 2am, supposed to leave by 11 last night they had left just before midnight)

Elogs – if the truck does not have it, it will be installed within 30 days including a dual facing camera.

Cages 6ft height filled (2ftx4ft, 6ft high) – 100lbs, can be heavy – need to push all on wheels


Allows incorp drivers

Hand bomb the products – they have loose pieces, not heavy, all auto parts

Sometimes there will be pallets – will be using pallet jacks in that instance

Zero custom interaction asides from a hello with signage of papers

FTL and LTL, normally LTL if driving with overflow

Preplanned routes

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2023

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