The Right Person, for the job, according to your specifications, every time.
It is that simple.

Call us to arrange quality, qualified Professional AZ and DZ Truck Drivers for your GTA or Southern Ontario based company.

What To Expect

Our Customers have come to rely on Revolution Staffing for quality, qualified Professional AZ and DZ Drivers. By partnering together we help insure our clients meet the needs of shippers and receivers alike. Each time a load is delivered or the product arrives at its destination we feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that we have been a part of the logistics solution for that Customer.   Whether your needs are last minute sick coverage, short term vacation coverage, or on going Driver Leasing Contracts, Revolution Staffing is well poised to support your operations and keep your trucks on the Road. With offices in Hamilton, Cambridge, Brampton and Barrie we cover the Greater Toronto and South Central Ontario market.

Revolution Staffing was founded on and operates by 3 simple principles.

Work Hard – Simply never give up, show our Customers our best efforts to assist them in every situation and they will give us opportunities in the future.

Tell the Truth – Telling the truth is a value that is all too rare in today’s pluralistic society. Truth is simple, it is plain, it doesn’t require an explanation or caveat. We believe by telling the simple truth, by not weaving a story around what we say, it makes everything a lot easier, for our Drivers, for our Customers and for ourselves. With Revolution Staffing you can expect the straight goods every time.

Finish the Job – Finishing is a lost art, starting is easy, but to bring a task to the finish line is not, we can’t fill every order we take, but we can assure our Customers of our very best efforts to do so and a steady stream of communication along the way. If you need us after hours a live person will answer the phone and do their best to help you fill that spot, we won’t quit until you ask us to.

The road to success at RevStaff has been that simple.


What we do

At Revolution Staffing we are working hard to break the industry stereo-types that have formed about Agencies.

Our difference

Old world values combined with the latest technology allows Revolution Staffing to distinguish itself as a unique player in the Driver Leasing and Temp Driver marketplace. By using an independent third party for our Driver Testing and Driver Verification process we eliminate a lot of time in the hiring process and we add both Integrity and Accuracy to the hiring process. Reducing Time in the hiring process wins us relational capital with the Drivers. Increasing the integrity and accuracy of the process wins us relational capital with the Customers – It truly is a WIN – WIN situation.

In a business with no tangible product you have to focus on relationships, what is especially challenging about the Agency business is that we have to cultivate those relationships on both sides of the ledger Driver and Customer. In the end we are always striving for a perfect balance between Drivers and Customers, but frankly in today’s marketplace Drivers are far more important than Customers. Really it comes down to basic Economics “SUPPLY vs. DEMAND” and in today’s marketplace I have 5 Customers for every “Top Notch”, “Cream of the Crop” driver!

Getting those drivers is hard work and our Driver Managers are relationally invested in the driver candidates before we ever get them through the door. That is how you get the best Drivers in the market by building a relationship and showing the drivers the respect that they deserve. When you entrust someone with $200,000 worth of equipment and an additional $50,000 to $500,000 worth of freight you’d better have invested more than 30 minutes and new plastic pen into that person.  And once they are in the truck you had better keep investing in them, and continue to treat them with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately every once in a while we run across a Company who doesn’t understand that and we have to FIRE the Customer, if you disrespect our Drivers we can’t risk losing our most valuable assets because your dispatch team is having a bad hair day.

In the end our difference is based in our Relationships and the technology is a tool that fosters and manages those relationships.

At Revolution Staffing we understand Drivers, it is all we do.

From the start we were founded with the idea that we could “Change the way people think about agencies!”.

Who we are

In 2005 Revolution Staffing was founded by our President Dave MacDonald, recognizing the ongoing need for Professional Truck Drivers in a market starved for quality drivers. The agency driver business was a crowded marketplace with a myriad of suppliers of all shapes and sizes.

The reality was that in many cases neither the Customer nor the drivers were being well served by the Agencies. There was a mistrust between Customers and agencies that the agencies were trying to subvert the hiring process and insert under qualified drivers into the Companies trucks increasing risk and accident claims in the process. To counteract the growing mistrust Revolution Staffing created a transparent working relationship between Customer and Driver facilitated by state of the art software that allowed the Customer to see the driver’s entire file before letting them set foot in their equipment.