Good jobs for good drivers

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Who we are

In 2005 Revolution Staffing was founded by our President Dave MacDonald, recognizing the ongoing need for Professional Truck Drivers in a market starved for quality drivers. The agency driver business was a crowded marketplace with a myriad of suppliers of all shapes and sizes. From the start we were founded with the idea that we could “Change the way people think about agencies!”

The reality was that in many cases neither the Customer nor the drivers were being well served by the Agencies. For the drivers in many cases they were treated with disrespect and taken advantage of. There was a sense that the drivers were the property of the agency, and lacked the freedom to work whenever and for whomever they chose. Drivers are the very life blood of our business without them we have no business at all, they are not chattel and as a result we try to treat them with the care and concern that they deserve, in many cases they have become our good friends and we celebrate and grieve together. In the end everyone at Revolution Staffing knows if it is good for the driver it is good for us as a company, and we consider it our responsibility to advocate on behalf of the driver to insure their interests are protected. Drivers have to do their part by keeping proper logs and performing the duties that any Professional Drivers would; when they do they know that the whole Team at Revolution has their back.

Revolution Staffing was founded on and operates by 3 simple principles.

Work Hard – Simply go to work and do the job you have been asked to do, be diligent at what is in front of you today, and you will earn more and perhaps better opportunities in the future.

Tell the Truth – Telling the truth is a value that is all too rare in today’s pluralistic society. Truth is simple, it is plain, it doesn’t require an explanation or caveat. We believe by telling the simple truth, by not weaving a story around what we say, it makes everything a lot easier, for our Drivers, for our Customers and for ourselves. With Revolution Staffing you can expect the straight goods every time.

Finish the Job – Finishing is a lost art, starting is easy, but to bring a task to the finish line is not, you don’t have to love the job you got today, and you don’t have to go back tomorrow, but once you accept an assignment finishing is critical.

The road to success at RevStaff is that simple.


What we do

Dry Van, Flat Bed, Reefer, Bulk Tank, Oversized, Tailgate, Handbombing, Shunting, Full Time, Part Time, Day Shift, Night Shift, Afternoons, and Weekends we have a wide variety of work available and we give you the options to choose from. In the end accepting the assignment is up to you, if you like it you can go back, if you don’t we can always find you something else. At Revolution Staffing the choice is YOURS, take control of your future and work with a team that helps you find the work you are looking for.

The OTR Driver Shortage is here to stay and drivers are jockeying for the best positions, problem is every company has a different hiring guideline 6 months – 2 years 3 points, no convictions, it is hard to keep up. When you apply for work direct with the company you are often a square peg that they are trying to drive into a round hole. Trouble is sometimes you just don’t fit and the process of getting stuffed in the hole is taking chunks out of you. At Revolution Staffing we start with who the driver is what it is that the driver wants and then match that candidate up with one of our Customers where they are a “Natural Fit” no rubbing – no shaving the corners – no pain. When we understand what the Driver wants we can help them find a fit that can last and they can stop the revolving door of switching companies every 24 months. Let us work with you to find the job you want and then walk alongside of you to help you keep that job.

We work with some of the biggest carriers in the business to give our drivers the personal touch of small family business, with the certainty of a consistent pay cheque, every week. Switching companies is never easy, but with Revolution Staffing on your side we can help you find the company that is a best fit for you and your family.

We are always looking for dedicated, diligent and determined people. We pride ourselves on delivering good jobs to good drivers.

What to Expect

What you should expect from the very beginning of the process is Revolution Staffing is investing in building a relationship with you. With you personally at Revolution Staffing you will never be just a number or some crazy Driver Code, we want to build a relationship with you so we can help you find the job you want. Not just the job we have today, although that maybe a valuable tool to understanding what you want and don’t want, but we want to be a trusted friend who helps you find the job you have always wanted. It will take sometime and there maybe some jobs you don’t LOVE along the way, but if we work together we can put some money in your pocket and help you determine what is the “right fit” for you.
Well, this is a little harder to say, because we aren’t an asset based carrier and we could put you to work at any of more than 100 Customers sites, describing the type of work you will do, or the orientation that you will go through is very difficult. BUT what you can expect, what you must expect is that when you go to work at a Revolution Staffing Customer site is that you will be safe, that the equipment you drive is safe and road worthy, that you are treated with respect like everyone else on the work site, and that you will get paid for the work you do.
This is a lot easier Pay Day is Friday every Friday! What that means is that any work you did between the Sunday at 00:01 and Saturday at 23:59 is paid the following Friday. When you come to pickup your cheque we will ask you to sign for it and we will want to hear all about your first days of work at Revolution Staffing, come on in grab a coffee and sit down for awhile. We want to know how it goes and we want to hear it all the Good the Bad and the Ugly.
Benefits are available to all Full Time Long Term Drivers for a cost. So talk to your driver manager and find out what is involved in you getting Driver Benefits.
At Year End it is important that you get your paper work together, whether you are an incorporate contractor or an employee, you need to get the right paperwork at the right time. For employees we attach T-4’s or Year end Earning summaries to your regular pay cheque sometime around February 1st. If you need more information contact our accounting office and we will be happy to take care of you just as quick as we can.
Booking Time off at Revolution Staffing is not hard and we are quite flexible, but we do ask that if you are on a Full Time Long Term assignment that you give us 30 days notice of any leave greater than 2-3 days. Periodically throughout the year we will remind you of our policy and ask if you have any dates coming up, but in the end the decision is always yours, but it is difficult to protect your job if you take time off without notice.
“I have been driving truck for 25 years and have worked for many different companies and agencies during that time. I can tell you from my personal experience working with the Team at Revolution has been a great thing for me personally. When I started with Revolution I started on a Part Time basis picking up extra shifts when I was available, the team at Revolution worked with me to find shifts that fit my schedule and worked for me. Then when I needed a new Full Time job I went to them and they found me a great job I started in August 2012 and I am still at today.

When I got hurt at work and was assigned to Modified Duties, Revolution stood with me and helped me find ways that I could continue to work even while I was injured. I can say from personal experience they care about me and my family.

I am a proud member of the Revolution Staffing team!”

Nadeem from Brampton, more than 750 shifts worked for RevStaff
“Dave and the team at Revolution are great people, as an occasional driver I have worked at a bunch of different contracts for Revolution the interesting thing about being a Part Time Occasional guy at Revolution is they are happy when I am around and available and they are happy for me when I have a new Full Time Job and I can’t work for them. Some agencies just nag and nag you, but at Revolution they always seem to care about what is best for me, so when I find a better job than they can offer me, they are like “Go ahead Johnny if it is good for you that is what is most important” They really seem to care about me personally, not just what shifts I can cover, but they want what is best for me. I like the flexibility I have with Revolution, if I take the job I complete the job, but if I don’t take a job they don’t put me in the penalty box, they just keep calling and texting and asking.

In the end I could work for any agency, but I prefer to work for Revolution when I can because I trust they are looking out for me, not just trying to ride me for what I can do for them.”

John from Brampton, Part-Time Driver with RevStaff since 2007