Since Covid has begun the employee market has looked very different than it did just a few years ago and while vaccines are rolling out, restrictions are going down and things are opening back up … employees are not yet going back to work. 

Now it is important that this is prefaced with a thankyou and acknowledgement to everyone who continued to work during the lockdowns and stay at home orders. Having people that continued to go to work and remain employed through these past months has been vital as we move forward. We applaud our Drivers, Warehouse Workers, Retail Workers, Nurses, Doctors and many others who were deemed Essential. Thank YOU!

While getting the government subsidy is nice and there is no doubt that free money is rare and something everyone wants more of, soon it will come to an end and that end will be a rude awakening for many. Enough is enough if you are able it is time to go back to work. 

When the subsidy ends and employees begin working again what will you have to show for more than a year of time off? As employers begin to hire back at a rapid pace the questions in the interview process are weaning away from “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Towards “What did you accomplish through Covid?” The way that you spent your time off in Covid is becoming an indicator of what kind of person you are and what kind of employee you will be.

Let’s be perfectly clear, some individuals genuinely should not have been working. Whether that has to do with underlying conditions or living with someone who had underlying conditions or legitimate childcare issues. Most employers will take that into account and leave room for grace in these situations.

Some people however went home and just stopped working, even still they do not plan on working, until the subsidy ends. Some people took advantage of the wage increase and got new jobs. Some people were left without work and started side hustles figuring out how to make ends meet in such an unknown time. Some people will continue to live on CERB and Employment Insurance their whole lives, who are you and who do you want to be?

The best opportunities are available NOW, think about it, who do you want to work for in the 8th Wave of Covid, a company that kept the lights on and fought hard through the hard days to keep everyone working, or the guys who shut down on day 1 and never lit the lamp again until Covid was gone?  The companies that are hiring today are the cream of the crop, top in class, industry leading companies that not just survived in COVID, but found a way to thrive.  These are the companies with opportunities today, and now is the time to join them, join them for stability, join them for opportunity, join them for experience that you can use in your next great job hunt. Getting back in the workforce is good for you, it is good for the community, and it is good for your family to see you getting back at it. Now is the time.