It took no time at all for a wave of uncertainty to spread across the globe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past several months many business owners have been forced to make unforeseen decisions. As a result, they have been left feeling completely unsettled and unsure of the next steps.

Not knowing what the economic future has in store, and with the thought of a second wave of the virus looming, organizations are left trying to predict what the new normal will look like for them going forward and how it will impact sales and labour requirements.

Labour is one of the biggest issues facing any business right now. Severe disruptions in productivity, sales, and staffing, are driving business owners to tap into resources and expert guidance now more than ever to execute a solid plan to rebuild.

One of the big questions facing owners and managers is, “How do I manage my workforce amid so much uncertainty?”  The answer is, lean on the experts.

A quality Staffing Agency is your best asset.

Utilizing a staffing company can be among a  business owner’s greatest advantages. Having a team of trained professionals who understand your business and who you can count on to provide qualified employees quickly, will create flexibility for your organization as your workflow changes. This is incredibly valuable. 



No matter if you need full-time, part-time, one day, one week, or one month. A quality staffing company will find you the candidates you need, to fill the positions in a timely way. 

No Commitment

You don’t have to commit to a full-time, long term employee. The employee stays only as long as you need them.

Time Savings 

You don’t have the time to waste sifting through resumés of people who aren’t suitable and don’t have the skills you need. Your time is valuable. This work is best left to a partner who represents your needs and understands the changing employment landscape. 

Money Savings

The cost of hiring the wrong person, especially amid an economic pivot, can be detrimental to a business’s success. The time invested in interviewing, training, and outfitting the wrong employee is extremely costly. Just ask the 74% of managers who admit to losing money due to a bad hire. Forget the money… the lost momentum and credibility of hiring the wrong person can set an organization ten steps back when they need to be looking forward to the big picture.

A Great Investment

Investing in finding and hiring the right people is money well spent for any business. A great employee who is the right fit for that job, will be more productive, and a better performer. This kind of investment is a boost to any business and has exponential positive impact on corporate culture and co-workers as well.

A few more pointers…

Use Technology

Video calls have become the standard in face-to-face communication during these uncertain times. Being able to utilize technology to address challenges and host in-person interviews in a COVID-friendly way, allows you to display leadership and and your commitment to the growth of the business.  Embracing the latest technology will help businesses manage both present and future new employee engagements.

Create Flexible Roles

There are many benefits to having flexible roles within an organization. Ones that can scale with the needs of the organization.  There is the flexibility to become permanent as business starts to stabilize, as well as the flexibility to use that person where they will be most beneficial. With less onboarding responsibilities, staffing up or staffing down depending on business needs, offers the ability to scale to your real-time labour requirements, not to mention the freedom of hiring without a long-term commitment.

Build a Talent Pool

A lot of companies may be currently experiencing a hiring freeze, but successful organizations should be determining who they want back and who they want to replace with better, more skilled staff.  You will be able to bounce back faster if you upgrade your lowest 20% of performers and upgrade your internal talent. Outsourcing this task to a team of experts, like a staffing agency, is an excellent way to ensure that top-level talent is always at the fingertips of any hiring manager.

Moving forward, successful businesses will need to adapt and adjust on the fly.  Leaning out their operations at times and expanding rapidly at others.  Partnering with an expert in finding and hiring the RIGHT people, is a valuable asset. And the flexibility to address changing labour needs at the drop of a hat is something many businesses are going to need as we move forward into the unknown.

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Dave MacDonald
Principal, The Better Together Group of Companies
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